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Top 5 Tips to do Motocamping the Right Way

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Camping out with your motorcycle, or motocamping, is one of those things that every rider should do at least once. Motorcycles add an unmatched level of freedom to our lives and motorcyclists are adventurous types, always riding to where the action is. A great way to fulfill that need is to pack a weekends worth of supplies on your bike and take to nature. In this guide, there are five essential tips to prepare you for that camping getaway you have planned

1. Hardshell luggage

Motorcycle bags come in all shapes and sizes. While pretty much any bags will do for mild riding, such as driving through the city, taking on the great outdoors is another story; a strong hard-shell saddlebag will be nice to have. Get bags big enough to fit some of the heftier items you'll be bringing(sleeping bag, tent, portable stoves, etc.).

2. Avoid top-heavy packing

Not paying attention to where you're placing the weight of your luggage on your bike can have an averse effect on handling. Make sure the heavy stuff gets packed lower than your bikes center of gravity as to avoid becoming top-heavy.

3. Pack light, pack safe, pack smart

Bungee chords will be essential for tying down all your stuff packed on the outside. Don't be afraid to overcompensate, the last thing in the world that you want is something to fall off while you're in motion. Pull and tug strapped down items before you head off to make sure that they are going to stay put.

Furthermore, its always good to pack anything you think you might need especially for your first time. If a guide tells you that there's a plethora of outdoor gear you're going to have to bring, it's best not the be bullheaded. Experience will tell you what should go and what should stay by process of elimination.

4. Don't over exert yourself

in all things, it's about the journey not the destination. Same rule applies on the bike, take stops and stretch when you feel the need. What you don't want to do is tackle the next few hundred miles in a hurry. All you will do is put strain on your body and mind. If you can take away one thing it's this, for every 100 miles in your trip, add 30-45 minutes time you think you'll arrive or the time that your gps is telling you

5. learn or brush up on motorcycle maintenance

The fact of the matter is, not everyone who owns a motorcycle knows how to keep it running. This is a road trip, not a five minute ride to go get a burger. There are loads of tutorials online that show how to perform basic bike maintenance, a skill that can save your hide if you break down in the middle of nowhere. If you don't have at least have a basic understanding about how to do some simple repairs to a motorcycle or you haven't at least made sure that your bike is tip top shape, you're setting yourself up for disaster in a big way. Don't let yourself be daunted, most repairs are simple once you follow the step-by-step methods.

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